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Trade shows are the most economical way
to meet customers old and new.

And great trade show displays make you known to all.

Thayer and Tom think they sell plants, but they really sell garden color. This backdrop is 10' x 5' and is composed of Thayer's fantastic photos.
High resolution print on seamless vinyl, hung with 'S' hooks.

Backdrop from a photo of one of Paul Miller's trucks, fully loaded with racks of great plants with the actual great plants arranged in front, just unloaded.
This piece is 6' high and 35' long, printed at medium resolution on a seamless piece of reinforced vinyl and hung by 'S' hooks.


Lisa and Jeff with their Best Single Booth Award at WinterGreen 2007. This backdrop is a high resolution print of one of Lisa's slides on an 8' x 10' Coyote collapsible aluminum frame.



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