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Botanical Societies
We can't know everything about everything,
maybe these'll help...

Below are some useful links for botanical socities and some tightly focused trade organizatons of all shapes and sizes..

(Let me know if I'm missing any...)

Thank you,


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Alpine Garden Society

African Violet Society of America, The
American Horticultural Society
Aquatic Plant Management Society
Arbor Day Foundation, National
Arboriculture, International Society of
Arborists, Consulting, American Society of
Azalea Society of America
Bamboo Society, American
Begonia Society,American
Bonsai Society, American
Botanical Society of America
Boxwood Society, American
Bromeliad Society Intl.
Bulb Society, International
Cactus & Succulent Society of America
Camellia Society, International
Camellia Society, American
Carnivorous Plant Society, Intl.
Chestnut Foundation, American
Christmas Tree Association, National
Chrysanthemum Society, National
Classical Chinese Garden Society
Clematis Society, International
Clematis Society, American
Conifer Society, American
Cottage Garden Society
Cycad Society
Cyclamen Society
Daffodil Society, American
Dahlia Society, American
Delphinium Society
Dianthus Society, North American
Fern Society, International
Fern Society, American
Fruit Explorers, North American
Fruit Growers, Rare, California
Garden Bureau, National
Gardening Association, National
Gladiolus Council, North American
Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society, American
Gourd Society, American
Hardy Fern Foundation
Hardy Plant Society, Oregon
Hardy Plant Society, UK
Heather Society, North American
Hemerocallis Society, American
Herb Association, International
Herb Society of America
Hibiscus Society, American
Holly Society of America
Horticultural Society, American
Horticultural Science, American Society for
Hosta Society, American
Hydrangea Society, American
Hydroponic Society of America
Iris Society, American
Irrigation Association, International
Ivy Society, American
Lilac Society, International
Lily Society, North American
Magnolia Society
Mailorder Gardening Association
National Gardening Association
Oleander Society, International
Orchid Society, American
Ornamental Crabapple Society, International
Palm & Exotic Plant Society, Southeastern
Palm Society, Intl.
Penstemon Society, American
Peony Society, American
Perennial Plant Society
Primrose Society, American
Pulmeria Society of America
Rhododendron Species Foundation
Rhododendron Society, American
Rock Garden Society, North American
Rose Society, American
Sedum Society
Seed Trade Association, American
Waterlily/Water Gardening Society, Intl.