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Dear Reader,

In as few words as I can, as little biography as I think I can get away with...

Born - Brooklyn, NY (but don't hold it against me, I've been in Georgia since 1989.)

Education -

  • Duke U., BA
  • Graduate work at N.Y.U. in business, economics, computing and art history
  • Art & design courses at Parsons School of Design, NYC.

Experience -

  • First previous life with U.S. Customs Service at Kennedy Airport - appraised textiles and art & antiques:
  • Second previous life in the textile industry - everything from production planning to QC to traffic to sales & marketing; domestic and international; raw fabric to lingerie to activewear:
  • Third previous life - (The professional Green one.) Home Depot, a local grower/re-wholesaler who sold to HD, a local grower/re-wholesaler/retailer who didn't sell to HD.

Passions -

  • gardening
  • original greeting cards
  • computers
  • whatever I'm working on at the moment

Quote - 'Good enough' usually isn't.

sna logoGGIA
bunny photo
Bunny (it's a long story) would be quite upset if she didn't get a mention, so a picture should make her very happy.
Bunny died after a long illness in December, 2009. She is buried under the old peach tree next to Bird, Alexandria, Little Bunny and Bugs.
little bit photo
Little Bit is now three years old (the vet thinks). It took her three weeks to become brave enough to come out from behind the refrigerator, and she camouflages herself quite well here.
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